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Core Aeration Service


Core Aeration is a simple way to a healthy lawn.


What is Core Aeration? 


Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs out of the lawn. These plugs are removed mechanically by a specialized machine; extracting 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter cores of soil and depositing them on your lawn.  Aeration holes are typically 1-4 inches deep and 3-6 inches apart.  


Why does my lawn need Core Aeration?


Over time, the soil in your lawn will be compacted in many ways; heavy rainfall, foot traffic, kids playing, etc.  When the soil gets too compacted, it can negatively affect the health of your grass.  Heavily compacted soil can stress your lawn's root system causing the grass to thin out and allowing weeds to grow in its place.  You may also notice puddling in your yard after it rains or when you water.  This happens because the ground is too dense to absorb the water quickly.    


What should I expect after my lawn is aerated?


When your lawn is aerated, you will see the plugs that are removed on the surface of your lawn.  These will break down naturally over the next two weeks.  You should notice a greener, thicker lawn during this time.  Your soil can easily absorb the water, nutrients, and air that it needs to build a stronger root system.  A strong root system equals a more drought tolerant lawn that is also more resistant to pests and diseases.    


When can I aerate?


We offer our core aeration service twice a year.  Once in early spring and in early fall.  These are the times of the year when root growth is at its peak and can recover quickly.


Is there anything else I should do to help my lawn?


YES!  After having aerating your lawn, it is an excellent time to over seed and feed your lawn.  Just follow our guide and you will see an explosion of growth.  This will push out weeds and reduce the amount of chemicals that you would normally use to kill the weeds.


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