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Hedge Trimming Service


Hedge / Bush Trimming 

-Recommended twice yearly; Late Spring and Late Summer


Keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed enhances the curb appeal to your property. Pruning also keeps your plants healthy by removing dead limbs and branches that are rubbing together.  


Details of our service;

  • All dead and damaged branches will be removed.
  • Suckers and water sprouts will be removed from the base of the hedges and bushes to promote overall health of the plant.
  • Any criss crossed limbs will be pruned back to maximize the health of the plant and encourage proper limb growth.
  • The foliage of the hedges and shrubs will be trimmed into a neat and attractive form that best suits the size and shape of the plant.
  • All clippings will be removed from landscape beds and will be hauled off site.