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Turf Tamer Lawn Care

Weekly Lawn Mowing Service


We will TAME YOUR TURF and keep your lawn looking great!  Spend your time with your family instead of working in the yard.

Here are the details of what is included in our lawn mowing service:

  • We will mow your lawn at the recommended height for your grass type.  Cool weather grasses will be maintained between 3 and 3.5 inches.  


  • We mulch the clippings back into the turf to promote a healthier lawn.  Grass clippings are over 80% water, so they decompose quickly and release nitrogen and other nutrients back into the soil naturally, thereby improving lawn quality.

  • We keep our mower blades sharp so that you get a clean cut. Dull blades can rip and tear the grass which makes the tips look yellow and makes your lawn prone to disease and other problems.


  • String trimmers will be used to trim around any obstructions within your lawn areas and where any lawn mowers cannot safely operate. 


  • We use bladed power edgers to produce crisp edges along your hard surfaces. We believe this results in a more consistent and professional look instead of using string trimmers to do the job.


  • Finally, our crews will clear off any debris or grass clippings left on any hard surface with a blower.  Our workers will make sure that grass clippings are not being directed into your landscaping and garden beds.  If any debris happen to blow into these areas, we will clean them out to keep everything looking sharp. 


There is a 4 visit minimum for this service. It is provided on a scheduled basis.  You can expect service on the same day from the same crew each week. 

Turf Tamer Lawn Care will continue to maintain your property week to week and year to year unless you notify us to discontinue your lawn mowing service.