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Turf Tamer Lawn Care



Weekly Lawn Mowing

  • Offered April through November

We will TAME YOUR TURF and keep your lawn looking great!  Spend your time with your family instead of working in the yard. We will mow your lawn, power edge the hard surfaces, and string trim around any obstructions within your lawn areas.  Finally, we clear the debris off your hard surfaces with a blower. This service is provided on a scheduled basis so you can expect service on the same day of the week.  Click to learn more.


Spring Clean Up

  • Offered March through April

Winter in Northwest Indiana isn't fun.  After all of the snow and sub-arctic temperatures, a lot of things can happen in your yard that require a lot of maintenance.  It can get overwhelming for a property owner. With a simple phone call, Turf Tamer Lawn Care will get your lawn and landscape ready for the season with our Spring Clean Up service. Click to learn more.


Leaf Removal

  • Offered October through November

Its Fall and the leaves are dropping all over your lawn.  Those leaves need to be cleaned up or they will smother and kill your grass.  Let us take care of the dirty work. Request leaf removal in addition to your weekly mowing service and we will make sure that your lawn stays neat and tidy during the Fall season. 

Click to learn more.  


Fall Clean Up

  • Offered in late fall, November through early December

If you didn't take advantage of our multi visit leaf removal service, don't worry we can still help.  This is a one time service call to remove the leaves from your property.  Click to learn more.



Hedge / Bush Trimming

  • Recommended twice a year: June-July and August-September

Keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed enhances the curb appeal of your property.  It also keeps them healthy by pruning dead limbs, suckers, and wild growing branches.  Pruning also protects your home from damage by cutting back limbs that get too close to rooflines, walls, and foundations.  Click to learn more.


Core Aeration

  • Recommended in Spring and early Fall

Does your lawn have thin spots?  Are there areas that get walked on or played on frequently?  Are weeds trying to take over?  You may need to aerate your lawn. Core Aeration can help restore your lawn without using chemicals and fertilizers by removing small soil plugs from your yard.  Click to learn more.


Power Raking

  • Recommended early Fall 

Thatch is the matted layer of dead and decaying plant material between growing grass and the soil.  This is natural and beneficial to a healthy lawn except when the layer gets too thick.  Removing this excess thatch allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots and results in a healthy lawn.   Click to learn more.



Cool season grasses should be cut between 3 and 3.5 inches during the growing season.


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